The Branding Wall


The first wall is the brand of the company-seller of building materials for walls and facades. Priority is given to materials conditionally “first row”: ceramic brick, including clinker and brick hand-forming, ceramic porated stones (so-called “warm ceramics”), accompanying quality materials for the laying of walls. Also in the range (or in terms) materials complementing the company’s offer: light blocks on a cement binder, brick for non-wall stages of construction (pavement clinker, shambolic brick, etc.).

The company is positioning itself according to the name. It aims to become the number one company in the wall materials market in the region of its presence. Number one is primarily in terms of the level of service, quality of materials presented. Thanks to the competent selection of manufacturers, picky control of the quality of their products, the company intends to maintain the best (first among competitors) offer in each class of goods, which is declared on the market.

The company’s super-task is to be the first to have the maximum number of factors, finding the best solution in cases where they are at odds (for example, the lowest price and the best quality are impossible at the same time).


The image of the company is a simple rectangle. It has many meanings – number 1, brick, column, pillar, tower, etc., with all this diversity, the main thing is the concept of “wall.” This is, first of all, a kind of border that protects the comfortable inner environment from the outside. What a person feels confident and reliable for. As the saying goes: behind a stone wall. And this is not a fine line, not a virtual feature, but a wall that has a significant thickness and height. And in three-dimensional space – volume. Actually, filling this volume is a product of the company. Therefore, it is important to show the significance of this image, its importance, its unconditional dominance.

This graphic element of the logo (sign) is called the “wall.” It is always the largest element in the composition and attracts the most attention.